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The year 2020 had given us a lot of things to ponder upon. The world was facing a pandemic; people locked behind doors and countries closing their borders for the safety of its people. The novel Coronavirus had brought us all to a standstill. We weren’t ready for the ‘new normal’ to take over. The journey to adapt to this new normal hadn’t been an easy one.

The health workers kept fighting against the virus to save the lives of people even when there was no cure of it. They did not show a sign of weakness and showed us how their duty towards humanity came before anything else. The Scientists were another people who were consistently pursuing to produce an effective Vaccine, despite failing a lot of times. With their persistence and hard work, there were a lot of companies who were able to carry a successful trial. The governments of all the countries also played an important role by encouraging the people to stay indoors and imposing a lockdown in the entire country to curb the spread of the virus. The ultimate supporters were the public who adhered to stay indoors irrespective of the lockdowns extending more than 6 months, following protocols and helping each other in the most difficult times.

What we haven’t realized yet are, the positive impacts of the Coronavirus. This time helped us to make an introspection and help us realize our potentials and explore possibilities of new opportunities. The world began to heal itself, water bodies were cleaner. the air fresh to breathe and the skies turned clear.

Being ‘Behind Doors’ has given us a mile, but we have a long road to go.




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